Antalya & Uludağ: Time’s Rapid and Confusing Acceleration

Antalya, Izmir, Uludağ

Where am I at? It’s been over two hundred days since I left home and on March 26th there will be 90 days left in the program. The whole thing is beyond believing. February was an absolute blur, the first week including a mid-year trip to Antalya where we spoke Turkish through all of our workshops and focused on our awareness of the programs mission and our personal goals. After that I spent time on the college process, the results of which I hope to announce in April. Also, I can now say I’ll be back in Bellingham on the afternoon of June 30th which is a lot more kesin (sure) than before. I have decided to try to stop writing in English almost completely to improve my writing and I’m sure you can see how now when I do write I struggle much more. We have tests every three weeks or so as we increase intensity of our focus on language. B2 here we come. Now let’s look at Antalya and Uludağ. You probably should too if you travel to Turkey. The videos say more than I could explain with writing anyways, theres about 8 minutes of footage down below.

DSCN2351 DSCN2371 DSCN2358

Some parts of this video I like, some are terrible stabilizations, take a look at the Antalya Film Experience:

Mid-Year Camp

AFS Turkey’s NSLI-Y team, us, and YES Abroad

NSLI-Y Turkey Year, February 5



Uludağ is not tough skiing but absolutely empty past the bunny hills. All of the photos are mine unless I’m in them.DCIM100GOPROtumblr_nkpgh2Wcrp1rz9fuho8_1280tumblr_nkpgh2Wcrp1rz9fuho9_1280 I would love to share my same experiences with visitors to the United States, If you plan to come from Turkey, make sure to keep your papers in order. To learn the documents you need and get them in order you could try

applying for ESTA to visit United States.