Videos of Bergama, Foça, and More

Bergama, Foça, Izmir

The long promised video of last month’s trip to Bergama (Pergamon) takes you to a location brimming with ruins, despite the German’s best efforts to remove the main temples and reconstruct them in Berlin. Also included is the Ottoman city of Bergama’s wisely built intersections and a Byzantine Church (Islamic, and pre-Islamic sites are also on the grounds) under reconstruction.

Foça, and a doomed from the start blog where my camera dies as pod of dolphins (yunus) passed right by us. Me, with a dead camera, failed to capture this majestic and tremendous moment. Imagine it for now though. I will go fishing again and hope for a similar occurrence, or have Ata jump in the water and film that.

Behind the scenes of the ball and other random footage as promised, cleaning out the hard drive, delivering content, it’s a win win. win.