Cumhurriyet Balosu


For the celebration of our school’s 10th anniversary and the 91st anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic, our school had a ball. Star studded with the students in full suiting and veterans of the Northern Cyprus and Korean Wars attended, as well as the school’s founder. Traditional dances and music from our region, Ege, were performed by my classmates. We practiced all week but I elected to just video the result. I’m liking keepingĀ these blogs media heavy and letting the country speak for itself.


Veterans sing along with the anthems.

My class performs a waltz.

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A student dressed as Ataturk reenacts his landing at Samsun that began the War for Independance.


The tables we set up during class Friday.

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Our principle speaks in front of the ‘Bandirma’ and bouquets given ceremonially to Ataturk.


The Efe warrior dance is performed in the style of warriors getting into the mood for battle.



I was there too.