Ephesus Video and More

Ankara, kapadokya

Now it has not been long. But I’ve taken and stabilized some video from our tour of the ancient Efes ruin in Selcuk, Turkey. Below I also have some extra footage from the Ankara kale, climbing through the underground city, and the restaurants in Kapadokya.

Never one to be shaken, I slept through the 4.1 Magnitude earthquake epicentered in Izmir, Turkey this morning. Though Regan fell out of bed. Below are even more group photos from our trip. We are back in school now and reunited with our routines and friends. That’s more than enough from me for a while.

10506992_10152534909639016_4943076496844891031_oThe new U.S. ambassador is received in Ankara on Oct. 19
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